Book Outdoors + Nolan

hiking in mt. ranier national park

exploring the huron national forest with "ROHBI"

camping in south haven, mi

I've explored national parks in Seattle, down to the jungles of Mexico, and the flat grounds of the midwest where we my wife and I currently reside. Nothing is better than getting outside, camping or exploring the outdoors. It's the ultimate recharge. No phones, no service, no problem. As a creative, having an outlet to step away is a must. For me, it's getting out and exploring with my wife and friends.

I once went winter camping in 10 degree weather. We built a fire so high and hot, my friends slept outside.

It's time to create the ultimate outdoor passport.

So what can I bring to the table as a Head of Creative? I'm a generalist, specialist, and strategist all in one.


If I don't know it I'll figure it out some way or another. In a previous role, our CTO went on vacation and we had to launch a ticket capture system for AT&T. This required a half day of training on how to spin up a Vagrant box, edit the necessary code with the proper information, and deploy while they were away. Mind. Blown.


I live and breath branding and I'm now immersing myself in product. I'm very fluent with design systems, and more importantly the fundamentals, typography, and color theory.


As a strategist, I go beyond the visuals. Challenging and questioning the why, in order to build the path ahead.